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Company Offers:

Company Offers:

A company meeting and an integration event is a great idea for building good relations between employees.

If you are looking for a place to organize a meeting or an integration trip for your employees or associates, Folwark Minikowo is just the place for you.

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Folwark Minikowo is located far from the city noise in the picturesque Bory Tucholskie Landscape Park.

We will also help you choose the best catering offer tailored to the needs of you and your employees.

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  • 22 beds (with the possibility of adding extra for up to 30 beds);
  • Pyszne śniadanie w godzinach porannych;
  • Single Beds, for increased comfort of your employees;
  • Each room has a separate bathroom available;
  • Salę przygotowaną dla 50 gości;
  • Catering dostsowany do potrzeb;
  • Antique style bar;
  • W ramach rozrywki stół do pingponga, gry planszowe, PS3, DART;
  • Klimatyczny kominek;
  • Wooden terrace under the apple trees;
  • Miejsce na ognisko oraz grill;
  • Darmowy parking;
  • Monitoring na posesji;
  • Wystawiamy fakturę VAT.