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Accomodation in Folwark Minikowo

About our Manor

Folwark Minikowo 62 is located in the proximity to Polish landscape park “Bory Tucholskie”, and is surrounded by a lot of lakes, river Brda and Koronowska Lagoon. 

W otoczeniu Folwarku odnajdzie się każdy, kto pragnie uciec od zgiełku miasta, wypocząć razem z dziećmi czy poznać z bliska bogactwo polskiej przyrody.

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Attractions in Minikowo

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Canoe Trips

Canoe trip is an excellent option to spend some active time outdoor. In Minikowo, we can accommodate both professionals and amateurs.

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Bicycle Trips

Forests located close to Minikowo, offer up to 330km. of Bicycle lanes. They will satisfy everyone interested in active time outdoors.

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Local Cuisine

Kitchen in our Manor, as well as local restaurants will provide a great opportunity to discover Polish, and local Borowiacka Cuisine.

Our Manor, summarised through Photography

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Please submit the questions about a particular room type, using e-mail or telephone number below: rezerwacje@folwarkminikowo62.pl +48 881 202 216
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